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Case Studies



Atlantic Union Bank

The main thing missing from AUB was a sales culture. For a long time, the AUB Loan Officers enjoyed consistent referrals from local branches and when the market changed, the leads literally stopped. Adding to the pain of lack of leads, the Loan Officers were not aware of the

unique value propositions of the bank, so they had a hard time self generating referrals.


Golden Bay Mortgage

Golden Bay Mortgage Group is a mortgage broker in California that was started by a Loan Officer and a Loan Processor who worked together at a previous company.  They grew tired of the lack of systems where they worked and figured that they could branch off and build something better, so in 2016 Golden Bay Mortgage was created.  The owners quickly learned that being good at loans and running a profitable business are two completely different skill sets. They were working long hours and not tracking essential metrics. To make matters more challenging, they were not maximizing their operations process and were not tracking their income or paying themselves like business owners. 


Cross Country Mortgage

This team needed to move away from being an order taker and basing their value on the lowest rate, to one of a professional consultant who educates clients on options and customizes the best mortgage for their goals.



Invest SLO

Invest SLO is owned by Abel Contreras of Keller Williams Realty. Abel was referred to UBP in 2019 because he had the vision to scale going from a solo agent to a large team and adding a commercial sales division. The challenge was that Abel was in his second year of being a Realtor, and he realized that if he wanted to grow right, he needed outside help


Landmark Group

Landmark Group is a team of Realtors in San Luis Obisbo owned by Jeff Landon. When Jeff was referred to UBP, he said he wanted to work less, have more fun, and make more money. The challenge for Jeff was that he was a solo agent doing everything himself. He did not have sales support and was not very organized with his time. Like most Realtors who have experienced success, he was very reactive to his day, so his marketing was inconsistent. That led to his income going up and down, like a roller coaster.

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V & CO

Veronica Benavidez is the owner of V Co., a real estate team on the Central Coast of California. Veronica was a solo Realtor who wanted to do more than just cold call people for listings. Veronica, like a lot of agents, was trained to work the phones hard in order to get business. She spent 20 hours per week on a dialer cold calling people she did not know in order to get listing meetings. The challenge was that she had a very low conversion rate and when people did agree to meet, a lot of them cancelled the day of the meeting, resulting in lots of frustration and inconsistent income.


Geneva Financial

A Branch Manager of Geneva Financial reached out to UBP because he wasted help in building systems that would keep him accountable to meeting new Realtors and maintaining the ones he already had.  His main challenge is that he is remote and works from his home most of the time.  Even though he is a smart loan officer with over 18 years of experience, he felt like he did not know where to start and was unsure of how to approach agents he did not know.


Premier Real Estate Group

Premier Real Estate Group is a team of four Real Estate Investors in Santa Maria, CA who specialize in flipping homes. The four gentlemen who started Premier have a wide range of experience and are very skilled, however, their business was not scaling. At first glance, they appear efficient and happy because of their closing volume and social media posts. But taking a closer look, we found operational flaws, issues with communication, and challenges with time management. Once we addressed these obstacles, business increased almost effortlessly, and doing more business is now easier than doing less.

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