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Sales Tools for Teams & Brokerages

The Ultimate business partners can help your team scale and close more transactions without sacrificing your time or your quality of service.

All too often we see this in high producing teams and in brokerages. 


At first glance they appear efficient, profitable, and happy because of their closing volume and social media posts.  But taking a closer look, there are operational flaws, issues with communication, database challenges, commission questions, and inconsistent time management.  Once addressed, business increases almost effortlessly and doing more is easier than doing less.

Consider this: A writer can read their own work ten times and find no errors, while a proofreader can spot a spelling error on the first read. It’s not that the writer was unable to spot the typos, but rather that they were so hyper-focused on the work that they were not able to see the errors. A fresh perspective shines light on problems that would otherwise have gone unseen and identifies opportunities that are hiding in plain sight.

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