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OnDemand Training

  • Builder Blitz

    Step-by-step outline on EXACTLY how to get Builder Business
    • Learn from the #1 FHA Originator in Texas
    • No one closes more FHA loans that him AND...
    • most of his business is from builders. Best of all...
    • he's not the in-house lender in any of them!
    • He teaches the exact steps on what to do, what to say
    • When to go, and how to follow up
    • 5-hours of recorded training + how to target builders
    • Specific scripts, value propositions, visit frequency
  • Realtor Fidelity

    How to get business from Realtors
    • 4 hours of training, specific steps on what to say
    • how to target, when to call
    • How to overcome objections
    • What to do during the meeting
    • What to do after the meeting to ensure referrals fast
    • What to do when yo are ghosted
    • Eliminate call reluctance
    • Creative ways to connect with new Realtors

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