Opened our eyes to doing business in a new way.  We watch our P&L closer than ever and our money is right.  Our corporate culture is our foundation and the Board of Directors program gives us direct access to their experience and knowledge.  We recommend the program without hesitation.

Rene Jacques and Cam Villa, Golden Bay Mortgage, Sacramento CA

michael anthony.png

Michael Anthony, Atlanta

Their Accounts Pyramid Cleanse helped me work with less Realtors and close MORE deals.  I went from 11 closings per month to 13, working less hours and with less Realtors.  These guys hold me accountable and it has helped me a ton.

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Shaun Brennan, Houston

They recharged my business, identified some areas where I was lacking and boosted my business with the kind of coaching every loan officer should consider.  They gave me incredible perspective on a business I have spent 18 years in.


Mike Burwell, Loomis

I use their systems exploded!  I closed over $150,000 in Q4 of 2018.  Q1 of 2019 is on track for $125,ooo.  That equals a 3x growth on my income, I am a sole producer with one assistant.  Do yourself a favor and hire them ASAP.

They did a personality assessment on me, I am classified as The Maestro.  They helped me build a brand around my natural skills and I closed a listing from a financial planner within 45-days.  Since then, I've built my business and team following their system.  They get me, push me, and hold me accountable.  

Stacy May, Rising Sun

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