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In-person sales training for mortgage consultants

UBP offers the following in-person sales training programs for mortgage consultants. 


Boot Camp:  

This is and immersive 1 or 2 day training for all of your loan officers no matter what their experience level.  Think of the boot camp as the process that resets and invigorates your sales team.  If there is a general lack of results…if things are just blah…if things feel unorganized…this is perfect for your team.


The typical agenda it is:


My Manifesto, The Loan Officer Roadmap to Success, F5 goals, Accounts Pyramid, The Perfect Week Scorecard, role-playing, and live calls. Every attendee will leave with a Time block schedule, a scripts, goals, and a plan on how to execute.

Grow Your Organic Referral Network:

Imagine all of your Loan Officers inviting their Realtor Partners to an event you sponsor that will help your Realtors get more organic business?  This is a huge value-add that will get your team deals within 30-days.  Your company will work with UBP by sponsoring a two-hour training that will help your Realtors grow their Organic Referral Network.  UBP will help you train up your Realtor Partners so that they will generate more organic referrals that will in turn help your business grow. The focus of this event is the accounts pyramid, scripts, roleplay, and live calls. It's common for your realtor Partners to schedule appointments with referral source is right there during the training. 

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