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Should Have Practiced In The Lake!

Last Saturday I knocked out my 2023 goal of completing a triathlon sprint. It's a 1/2 mile swim, a 10-mile bike race, and a 4-mile run.

I learned two AMAZING business lessons that day.

First - the people you surround yourself with make all the difference. I was so scared to do this, mainly because of the swim. I haven't been in the open water since I was a little kid, and even then it was just jumping off a dock close to shore. This time, it was out to the middle of a lake and back. And it was cold. What got me through it was the people. Man, the people around me made all the difference.

The second thing I learned is how critical it is to simulate real life when you practice. To prepare for the swim, I only practiced in a pool. A heated pool. Race day was the first time I jumped into a cold lake and my lack of experience slowed me down. Too often, when we practice, we get lazy. We don't go through all the motions. Imagine if boxers didn't practice in a ring before a fight. What if all they did was run, jump rope, and hit a bag? They'd get crushed on fight night! The same thing happens to us in sales if we don't constantly go through the right motions in practice.

I recorded a short podcast that goes into more detail about the lessons I learned during this event.

I encourage you to listen to the episode here and implement the lessons in your business.

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