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Why Every Loan Officer Needs a Sales Coach: Boost Your Performance by 20%!

1. Improved Sales Performance - According to a study conducted by The Loan Officer Hub, loan officers who worked with a sales coach saw an increase in their sales performance by an average of 20%.

2. Goal Setting and Accountability - A sales coach can help loan officers establish clear goals and hold them accountable for achieving them.

3. Enhanced Communication Skills - Effective communication is vital in the loan officer industry. A sales coach can help loan officers develop strong communication skills to build stronger client relationships and close more deals.

4. Increased Confidence - A sales coach can help loan officers build confidence in their abilities, leading to better performance and results.

5. Competitive Edge - With the industry being so competitive, working with a sales coach can give loan officers an edge over their competition.

In-person or virtual, coaching pays huge dividends. Check out our latest case study, it highlights how we helped a branch go from an order-taker commodity to a true consultant who delivers value and gets paid.

UBP is going to host a free virtual training webinar this month, more details to follow.

Have an amazing day.

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