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3 Things You Need To Do Now To Get More Business

From coaching hundreds of Realtors and Lenders across the country, allow me to share 3 things I see them doing that generate business.

1. Execute A Monthly Marketing Calendar.

They use this marketing calendar template to plan their month. And when I say marketing, I mean everything you know you need to do that will get you business: calls, video texts, chamber & business events, hosting trainings, client-focused events, Open Houses, emails, mailers, holiday events, pop-bys, and social media. Until you are ready to hire an agency or a team to do this for you, you get to do it. And one of the easiest ways to execute your plan is by using a visual calendar that lets you plan. Here's how our clients do it:

They use this marketing calendar template to plan their month.

They have at least:

  • 15 hours of calls are scheduled per week.

  • 10 social media videos per week, comment on 10 per week.

  • Specific annual review emails and texts for clients up to 8 years back.

  • Events you will host.

  • Events you will attend.

  • VIP Program Calls and Pop-By's.

  • Accounts Pyramid events, calls, and activities.

Once their calendar is done, they transfer the activities to their main calendar and make appointments for them or someone on their team to execute.

It's simple and it works. And it needs to be done EVERY MONTH.

Your Action Steps:

  • If you haven’t already, set up professional profiles on platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Get corporate approval if needed. Don't make excuses and get it done.

  • Use this calendar to make your plan.

  • Transfer the items from the planner to your calendar as an appointment.

  • Do each activity or delegate some of them.

  • Repeat every month.

2. Prioritize Education & Mindset.

The best in the business understand that the industry is ever-evolving. From changes in mortgage rates and real estate disclosure laws to shifts in housing market trends, staying updated is pivotal. Stay away from the negative stuff and plug into industry experts and amazing podcasts. My best clients are Students Of The Industry.

It does not take a lot to be above average in this business. All you have to do is be relentless about executing the fundamentals, subscribe to free industry updates, and listen to positive podcasts and books.

Your Action Steps:

  • subscribe to the Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, HUD, and VA newsletters

  • subscribe to the CAR and NAR newsletter

  • Did you know that CAR and NAR have podcasts? Start listening to them.

  • Load up your Audible library with books that will push you and help you grow.

A long time ago a great mentor of mine stumped me with this question. He said, "Dino, do you know which card is free, offers the most benefits, and is available to everyone, yet very few people have one?"

I said, "AMEX?"

He laughed and said, "No, a Library Card."

I'll always remember the point he was making - Never Stop Learning because it makes you a way more valuable consultant over the long run.

3. Personalize and Build Relationships with a Top 20 List and a V.I.P. List

In the end, real estate and lending are about one thing: relationships. Whether it's sending personalized thank-you notes after a meeting or organizing community events, nurturing relationships can result in repeated business and referrals.

Your Top 20 List:

This is your inner circle, your most trusted friends, family, past clients, and business people. These are the people who you refer and who refer you. They are in the Top 20 because you care for them the most and have a deep and special bond.

Your V.I.P List.

Some call this your wedding list. Imagine all the people in your life that you would want at your wedding, that is this list. It includes everyone in the Top 20, as well as people just outside of that list. Your V.I.P. list has your Channel Accounts, accounts, and other referral partners. This is the group you can rely on to refer you to people in their network as well as to actual clients.

Your Action Steps:

Focus on your client relationship management (CRM) system, segment your client list, and tailor your communication to meet the unique needs of these two special lists. You can use your marketing calendar to make sure there are activities planned around these lists so that you stay top of mind and deepen the relationships.

Take the Next Step

Reading about success is one thing. Implementing actionable strategies is another. If you're serious about elevating your business, let's talk. Schedule a free 15-minute call with The Ultimate Business Partners today. We'll discuss how these strategies and more can be tailored to fit your unique business needs. Because when it comes to success, there's always room at the top.

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