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Boost Your Business with the Accounts Pyramid System

Welcome to Ultimate Business Partners, where we provide expert consulting services to loan officers and realtors. Today, we would like to introduce you to our trademarked process called the "Accounts Pyramid." This revolutionary system is designed to help you leverage your network and generate a consistent stream of high-quality referrals. Without this system in place, your business may underperform and miss out on numerous opportunities. Read on to learn more about how the Accounts Pyramid can take your business to new heights.

What is the Accounts Pyramid?

At Ultimate Business Partners, we understand the importance of building strong relationships and cultivating a diverse & robust professional network. The Accounts Pyramid is a proven methodology that empowers loan officers and realtors to tap into their existing connections and convert them into valuable referral sources. By strategically categorizing your contacts and nurturing these relationships, you can establish a reliable flow of referrals that will drive your business forward.

The Four Levels of the Accounts Pyramid:

The Accounts Pyramid is structured into four distinct levels, each playing a crucial role in generating referrals. Let's dive deeper into each level:

1. Prospects:

One of the biggest blind spots we see is that Realtors and Loan Officers forget to always have 15 prospects. Why does this happen? Lots of reasons: busy with files; no idea what to say when you call; missing a follow-up system; not knowing what to say during the meeting; overlooking pressure-test closes; and on and on. The foundation of the AP System is to always have 15 prospects.

2. Top 50:

The Top 5- are referral partners who have referred you. They stay in the Top 50 category until they get to over 3 closings per year. The importance of the Top 50 is that you get to identify who has the potential to go up to the next level.

3. Accounts:

The Account is a Referral Partner who has closed 4-12 deals with you per year. This person can be a Financial Advisor, Estate Planning Attorney, Realtor, HR Executive, etc. There are many categories of Referral Partners who can be a great compliment to your business.

4. Channel Accounts:

This is the highest level because this person or company closes 13+ deals per year with you. Imagine having 5 Channel Accounts in your life. What would business look like// What would your day look like? What would your credit card debt look like? What would your savings account look like? Sounds amazing, right? This is how we consult our clients - to help them work with Channel Accounts.

How the Accounts Pyramid Works:

Implementing the Accounts Pyramid system involves a strategic approach and ongoing relationship management. It's a system you can use during your entire career as a Realtor or Loan Officer and it will help you stay organized, top of mind, and close more deals.

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