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Networking Beyond the Norm: One Coffee at a Time

I just finished an amazing training in Nashville today with a client that has a team of 7. This year they narrowed their vision to be very intentional about networking with and delivering value to professionals like CPAs, Financial Advisors, Property Managers, Estate Planning attorneys, and Divorce Attorneys.

In 2023, so far, this group of 7 has:

  • 5 closings from Financial Advisors

  • 4 closings from Divorce Attorneys

  • 4 closings from estate planning attorneys

  • 3 closings from CPA’s

  • 1 closing from a property manager

17 closings for $8.7 million in 10 months.

When I asked them if they could identify the #1 thing that helped them do this, they agreed that it’s doing the Atomic Activity Form EVERY SINGLE WEEK! Every week! Good, bad, or ugly, they always do it. The #2 reason they shared is that they practice the scripts every week. Practicing has helped them get more comfortable and get better.

I say that to say this-

The #1 indicator of your income will be determined by the amount of prospecting calls you make. I am convinced of this, and we have clients across the country who are doing it!

We know it's uncomfortable, we know it feels awkward. That’s normal.

Somewhere deep down you already know you have to do this, so why not just start today? If you want to scripts and the tracking we use (that this client uses every week), click the button below the picture of these happy clients :-) and we will email it to you.

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